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As the world moves cautiously out trade binary option of the global economic crisis and the nation pursues bold national broadband and recovery agendas, the year ahead promises to be challenging, promising, and demanding. The Obama administration’s broadband focus is unprecedented in scope, energy, and ambition. Everything – education, health, interconnectedness, the very means and framework of doing business – seems to be in play at once, and for very high stakes indeed.

Broadband Policy Summit VI, Washington’s preeminent broadband communications policy event, promises more than ever to be the place to learn how to position your company and clients to thrive in this what is binary option new environment.

At BPS VI, the nation’s top public and private sector voices will share their insights on:

  • Who has the ear of the Obama administration, and what are they saying?
  • What are the key priorities for members of the 111th Congress?
  • How will the national broadband plan affect deployment and adoption?
  • How will the battle for the 700 MHz D Block spectrum play out?
  • What’s next for the recurring issues of privacy and content control?
  • What’s the future for the rules and principles of network management and open access?
  • How much spectrum will shift from broadcasters and the government, and where to?
  • What’s the administration’s view on the balance binary trading platform in india between competition and consolidation?

BPS VI will bring together top panelists and keynotes to debate and share their unique perspectives. At a time like this, you can’t afford to miss it.

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Keynote Speakers
Meredith Attwell Baker
Lawrence E. Strickling
Philip Verveer
Edward P. Lazarus
Richard Wiley
Distinguished Faculty

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Christopher Baker
AARP Public Policy Institute

Daniel L. Brenner
Hogan Lovells

Kathryn C. Brown

Jonathan Chaplin
Credit Suisse

James W. Cicconi

Scott Cleland
Precursor® LLC

David L. Donovan

Clyde Edwards
One Economy

Eric Einhorn

Harold Feld
Public Knowledge

Paul Gallant
Concept Capital

J. Erik Garr
Diamond Management and Technology Consultants

Sharon Gillett
Federal Communications Commission

Christopher Guttman-McCabe
CTIA – The Wireless

Julius Knapp
Federal Communications Commission

Anna-Maria Kovacs
Regulatory Source
Associates, LLC

Hilda G. Legg
Wiley Rein LLP

Marc S. Martin
K&L Gates LLP

David P. McClure
U.S. Internet Industry Association

Mike McCormack
J.P. Morgan

Tim McElgunn
Pike & Fischer -
A BNA Business

Paul Misener

Daniel Mitchell

Steve Morris

Stephanie Phillipps
Arnold & Porter LLP

Rey Ramsey

Charla Rath

Henry M. Rivera
Wiley Rein LLP

R. Gerard Salemme

Steve Sharkey

Roger C. Sherman
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce

Gigi Sohn
Public Knowledge

Lawrence J. Spiwak
The Phoenix Center

Megan Anne Stull
Google, Inc.

Thomas J. Sugrue
T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Lauren Maxim Van Wazer
Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Nancy J. Victory
Wiley Rein, LLP

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